Pamela M. .
"Amazing location, great teachers and the latest gymnastics equipment! My daughter LOVED summer camp here and is excited to start her weekly gymnastic classes here also. How great it's near our home and school!" 

Sheree C.
"The new location is awesome. Plenty of space for the classes, much better waiting/ watching space and best of all...parking! My son who is 8 loves it as does my 4-year-old daughter."

Soleil K.
"My son and I are so pleased with this gym. They have several classes and instructors to choose from and a handy app as well. I love that I can work out while watching my son in his class!"

Elizabeth V.
"This place has been a safe haven of fun for my very hyper active daughter. She loves coach Sam and she has learned so much and has had lots of fun!! Thank you Coach Sam!"

Nicole L.
"I highly recommend this place to any parent looking for a great gymnastics program and a fun place to have a party."

Thomas P.
"I love this place!! The coaches dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic!"

Franz M.
"The Klub motto is "Strength, Self-esteem and Success," and that's exactly what they have fostered in my child. That's worth all the money I can throw at it."

Susan C.
"We've sent our daughter to Coach Mike for about a year and she absolutely loved going to class. The coaches are very encouraging and have a positive attitude that rubs off on the kids. Definitely an A+++."

The Martens
"We have enjoyed every class and every teacher. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful pro fitness environment for children."

Sylvia R.
"Coach Tanya is the Best, my Grandson Gary loves her and all the staff at the KLUB."

Toni G.
"Where have you been all our lives!? Lol! We can not say enough awesome things about this place! It is a proven environment for our very active toddler! ♥!"

Stuart T.
"This place is the best. The owners are such nice guys and the new location rocks."

Ann W.
"The Klub is where my daughter fell in love with gymnastics. This place is supportive and has great coaches."

Janine B.
"The love, patience and passion these coaches show towards their students is amazing. Every child is seen as an individual regardless of their level. My son has gained strength, confidence and a new outlook on his abilities. I can't thank everyone enough❤❤❤"

Michael B.
"My child has had a really good experience at Klub Gymnastics, she was really struggling with balance she would trip and fall a lot. Since starting at Klub I have noticed her strength and mobility skills have improved. I would definitely recommend Klub."

Nicole P.
"I LOVE this place! My 4 year old is obsessed. She is learning so rapidly and practices at home everyday. In just a month she is already doing a handstand, unassisted, and is practicing her back flips. Her coach is amazing and so patient and understanding with the kids. She corrects the kids too when they aren't doing something right. The front office staff is great too. They have been very patient with my many requests and always remember our names. They also have a nice little play area for my toddler to play in while my 4 year old is in class. I highly recommend!"